It is not uncommon for a pet to pass away on their own at home. We understand it is shocking to find your cat or dog deceased. If you are unable or uncomfortable transporting them into a facility for cremation we can take care of this for you. Give us a call and we will send staff members to your home to transport your pet for you. We will plan the transport to take place as soon as possible. If your pet passes late in the evening or early morning hours it may be several hours before our team is available. You must be home when they arrive for transport.


When your pet’s passing is unexpected or sudden and you wish to find out why they died a necropsy can be done. A necropsy is an animal autopsy and may give answers as to why they passed. For the most accurate necropsy results, the pet should be brought to the veterinarian right away. Pets that have been in extreme cold or warm conditions are not viable for a necropsy. During the procedure, your veterinarian will examine your pet’s organs and look for abnormalities such as cancer, internal bleeding, and deformed or misshapen organs. When the vet suspects a poison or toxicity, a third party lab is used for further testing.

Finding out why your pet perished can be beneficial in coming to terms with their sudden loss. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee the veterinarian will be able to pinpoint a specific cause of death, but they should be able to give you insight on what contributed to your pet’s death.

What to do while awaiting pick up:

After a dog or cat passes away, physical changes begin immediately. This process includes stiffening, leakage of bodily fluids, unpleasant smell and bodily bloating. If the animal is in a warm environment it tends to speed up these changes and may draw flies or other insects to the pet. A few options to limit this are to cover them with a plastic bag or tarp, or wrap them in a heavy blanket. Moving them to a cooler location, placing them in a fridge or freezer, or covering them with ice packs is ideal to slow the decay process.

We will make every attempt to pick up your pet as soon as possible but if it is too difficult to have their body at home you can bring them to The Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic. Our hospital is located at 7311 E Thomas Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and open 24/7.


Deceased pet transport with cremation, ashes are not returned – $182

Deceased pet transport with special cremation, ashes returned- $362

As pet owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. If you need help processing your grief or planning how to memorialize your pet please visit our page Grief Support.